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Coaching is based on each person is an expert in your own life, just probably not fully aware of it or not take it.

On the other hand, also has an unlimited capacity to learn from the situations involved, only that same spot, it is limited by beliefs, generalizations, assumptions, interpretations and obsolete internal dialogues.

Sure you've heard the word Coaching. Today there is much talk, but ... do we know what is and what is? Where it comes and where it goes? 

The word "coaching" the literal translation in English is "training", is adjusted to reality?, See. 
Its origin could be found in Socrates' teaching method, through the use of dialogue and questions to students, managed to direct them towards the truth. His reasoning, his way with words and his fine irony, pushed people to think and discovered that they had real knowledge about things, assuming their ignorance and "when empty" became listening to be "filled" with wisdom . 

Coaching is a relatively modern discipline, which seeks to unlock the potential we all have through a process of support, where the facilitator or coach, helps and encourages the person or coachee and acts as a bridge between your current life and your desired life , through self-knowledge and action. Coaching gets remove barriers that separate the coachee's success. 
This is not a therapy, because the coachee is not sick, it is a healthy person with multiple resources to discover, the coach who will help to bring out their potential to light, to discover the answers there within, attitudes and skills training aimed at the desired target. The coach gets attitude change through active listening and appreciating your partner.

In each session, the coachee takes another step towards the objective, and the coach will enter the appropriate process to follow that step to advance a personal plan of action, the coachee must act to progress and that we call training = "coaching" .

The exchange coahcing celebrity:

Personal coaching 
Business coaching 
Sports coaching 

Coaching helps you improves yourself!

A coach can help you take the 'overwhelming' out of life!

Sometimes despite being very strong ... We feel under water, without seeing our chances!

Coaching helps you let go of what is holding you back!

If you are confused and do not know where to go; if you have a goal and do not know where to start; if you want a change in your life;

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