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The healing power of Family Constellations


Systemic Family Constellations is a unique, phenomenological and systemic approach to healing. We are all members of a family and we are bound by deep ties of love and loyalty.


The influence of your parents in your life choices

Our parents are our roots. For the better or the worse, they brought us here. So, this natural connection cannot be ignored even if sometimes (oftentimes!) we have troubles with it. We reject them, we fight them, we blame them. But they are still our parents, they gave us life.

Even when we think we reached the long-sought independence from them, we still carry their presence with us throughout our lives. What’s unresolved with your parents doesn’t automatically disappear, instead, it shows up unconsciously in our relationships.


They condition our early development, and in many cases, their ascendancy continues to affect us for the years to come.

Who we are today, how we relate to each other, how we experience trust and self-esteem greatly depends on the first experiences we took in as babies, toddlers, kids and even further up during our growth.

Naturally, when we become adults and emotionally independent, we are responsible for our own choices and happiness. At least, that’s how it should be in a healthy parenting relationship.

What are Family Constellations?

So, how do family constellations work, practically? What happens in a family constellation? It’s quite an unbelievable process and the best way to get a grasp is to attend one! Even so, we assure you will be pretty amazed.

In a family constellation, the participants reproduce an abstract family setting playing different roles.

After a short talk with the facilitator, the person receiving the session – the seeker – chooses the representatives from the participants, just by listening to his or her guts.

Purposely, not much is explained or “directed” here. Once all characters are in the scene, the acting unfolds naturally. The facilitator might add or remove participants, guide some actions, introduce some situation, utter some words, pose some questions.

The unrolling of the scene itself is healing as it shows hidden patterns and suppressed feelings. This is especially true for the main character: the seeker.

Family Constellations sesions in Barcelona 

All sessions of Family Constellations in Barcelona are facilitated by Nadia Cisarova 

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All sessions of Family Constellations in Barcelona are available in English, Spanish or Slovak and Czech.

Online session of Family Constellations with figures are also available.

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