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Transform your fears, anxiety and frustration into love, longevity and inner wealth. Discover techniques to eliminate negative emotions with HERENCIA / LEGANCY to illuminate your life towards inner peace.
  Herencia is a technique that focuses on a simple system of transforming beliefs much simpler.
  Why HERENCIA?... Beliefs are what we inherit and leave as an legacy for your children.
  My legacy for you is to transmit this simple, fast and effective technique so that you are the owners of your life and destiny.
  - dynamics of thought and mind
  - the conscious mind: what it is, how it works for and against us
  - the six laws of the mind
  - how to influence the external environment with your thoughts
  - the inner and outer world of our reality
  - understand the negative aspects and why they have so much power over us
  - negative removal techniques
  - cultivate a conscious mind
  - HERENCIA technique, what it is and how it works
  - understanding and effectiveness of the HERENCIA technique
  - work with vibrations to create your reality
  - power of decision, action and persistence
  - charge cells with life force
  - use the power of thought to create success and abundance
  - use intuition to find solutions to problems
  - steps to influence the subconscious
  - get answers from the subconscious to create your reality, find out if the beliefs are your own or inherited
  - create new and empowering beliefs in your subconscious
  - discover your full potential

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