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Nadia Cisarova is a Coach and Reinventing Mentor.


In 2017 European Association of Economy and Competitiveness granted to Nadia Cisarova the European Medal of Merit at Work, in recognition of  merits, professional career, relevant services and  extraordinary works to the European Union   in the Coaching sector.

She has founde Cisarovnna SK a space for personal growth and development that inspires Women of Today.

Her Mission is to help Dynamic and Sensitive Women turn a challenging situation into an opportunity to build the best version of themselves and live the life they truly want.

She uses all her expertise in the area of self-knowledge, development and personal growth combined with more than 15 years of experience in the corporate world.

If something has discovered Nadia thanks to her own experience is that things always go through something and that every crisis has a meaning : to know yourself and to display all your potential.

She knows that there is no better learning than living in the first person, nor better adviser than the one who has lived in her own skin.

That is why it is your intention to help you overcome that crisis that affects you so much and that you see it as an opportunity to know you better and develop your potential.

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